‘And e’en the Ranks of Treasury could scarce Forbear to Cheer’

This was written for the Naval Review in 1995 by Captain Richard Sharpe OBE when he was the editor of Jane's Fighting Ships. It speaks to the ongoing debate about the military's freedom to communicate, sparked yesterday (21 Apr 20) by the reissue of the MOD's guidance on "Contact with the Media and Communicating in … Continue reading ‘And e’en the Ranks of Treasury could scarce Forbear to Cheer’

Crisis Communications and ‘That’ Interview

“My reputation is under increasing and now unbearable pressure. I have a communications team but they don’t really understand the weight of my responsibility. I think I need their help, but they’re telling me in so many words to do….very little. (Why do I pay them?) I’m a natural leader and charismatic communicator. I can … Continue reading Crisis Communications and ‘That’ Interview

Strait from the Hormuz’s Mouth

Communications Plan for HMS Montrose in the Strait of Hormuz By Commander Tom Sharpe OBE RN (Retd); freelance communications advisor and Partner at Special Project Partners. This plan is based on GCS OASIS[1] methodology which identifies the Objectives and the Target Audience before attempting a Strategy. Objectives Primary Promote the Royal Navy's and HMS Montrose's … Continue reading Strait from the Hormuz’s Mouth